Find inspirational solar systems on ArchiPro

Apricus have recently been invited to showcase our products and fantastic projects on Archipro. Archipro is the go-to website for you to find inspirational projects and leading products for your new home or commercial building. You can find Apricus systems on a number of great projects at Archipro.  We will continue to highlight the great […]

Huge Apricus system installed in Mauritius

Ever wondered how big a solar hot water system can get!? Or how much energy and carbon emissions a huge solar energy system could save? Apricus have just installed a massive, 100 collector system in Mauritius, at a fabric dyeing factory. Some of the clothes you buy could be produced in this factory, now using […]

Helping those who help others

Here is a sneak peak of a fantastic solar hot water system we are delighted to be involved in. At Apricus we are committed to helping as many people as possible to harvest solar energy and benefit from free hot water.  It is even sweeter when we get the opportunity to do this with a valuable […]