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Can I replace an instantaneous gas hot water system with a CO2 heat pump system?

Replacing your instantaneous gas hot water system with a C02 heat pump system is easy.  Making the change has many benefits including ongoing energy savings and a reduction in your carbon footprint, by using highly renewable NZ electricity combined with the high efficiency of a CO2 hot water heat pump.

The Reclaim CO2 hot water system consists of a heat pump (compressor) and a hot water cylinder (indoor or outdoor, you choose). The system collects heat from the air surrounding the compressor using CO2, a natural, environmentally friendly and highest performance refrigerant.

The old gas hot water system is easily replaced because the Reclaim CO2 heat pump and its cylinder require the same services as the gas water heater – cold water in, hot water out, plus an electrical connection.  A cylinder will also be installed as there are no “instant” renewable energy hot water systems.  This tank can be placed right next to the heat pump, outside the house so no extra room is required, often taking the room of now redundant gas bottles.  The complete change-over can be completed in less than a day by a local installer.

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