Recycling, Product Stewardship and End of Life Disposal of Apricus Products.

Some components of our products or packaging may be considered one of the ‘priority products’ that have been named under the waste minimisation act by government.  These are all listed here:

Regulated product stewardship | Ministry for the Environment

Where we can find a place for a product/part of a product or packaging in a product stewardship programme, we are proactively engaging with the agency developing that programme to provide any support we can and to ensure that the specific requirements of our products are reflected as far as possible. 

The most relevant product stewardship programme for us is ewaste, which is being coordinated by an organisation called TechCollect.  We have read and support the recommendations that TechCollect published for ewaste in June 2023, and are actively supportive of TechCollect’s ongoing work which is now at the stage of developing the logistics of the product stewardship programme, and organising regular life cycle analyses for different types of products.

We prioritise packaging that does not fall under any of the product stewardship programmes because it isn’t necessary, e.g reusable packaging and/or easily recyclable packaging like cardboard. 

For any products and/or packaging that don’t fall under a regulated product stewardship programme, we endeavour to ensure that end of life options are available for your products where possible and take an approach of continual improvement for this aspect of our business.