Reclaim CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump

Highly efficient water heating that does not harm the planet.

Using the latest developments in refrigerant technology, this system uses highly efficient and natural CO2. With one of the best COP ratings and a low global warming potential, you will save money and the planet. Heat pump water heaters absorb warmth from the air, amplify it and transfer it to heat water. 

Reclaim Hot Water Heat Pump Compressor
Reclaim Hot Water Heat Pump Cylinder

Maximise your savings

Delivering up to five units of heat energy from the air for every unit of electricity it consumes. This means that the cost of energy used to produce your hot water is minimised. Using CO2 as the refrigerant Reclaim Energy heat pumps have excellent cold weather performance and there is never any need for an electrical element to supplement heating your water.


Whisper quiet functionality

Indoor or outdoor cylinder location

Single pass water heating to 63°C every time

User friendly controls

What people say?

We are a reseller of the Reclaim heat pump and it has exceeded our expectations as a reseller but also on performance for our customers. We are based in NE Vic and have installed into the cold climates so they have been tested. Traditionally i have been against heat pumps but i have learnt there are 2 types of technology and the CO2 is the most efficient. Then it comes down to brand, and brand is built on backup service. Which any questions we have had Reclaim have been excellent and thorough. Our customers love them and we love them.
Bobbi McKibbin
very efficient hot water system. CO2 is better than other systems because it can heat water to a higher temperature, plus then energy efficiency is very good.
Herb Familton

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