Wood Pellet Fuel

Renewable Energy

Wood pellets in NZ are exclusively manufactured from waste timber from sustainable forestry, using waste sawdust and wood shavings that would otherwise go to landfill. This makes NZ wood pellets a 100% a renewable resource with the lowest carbon footprint of any heating fuel available in NZ.

The wood waste is dried and compressed,the high pressure and temperature activates a natural glue like substance within the wood that holds the pellet together. The product is therefore a completely natural product with no additives.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Pellet boilers are an ideal way to reduce your carbon emissions as a direct replacement for fossil fuel gas, coal and diesel boilers. The amount of the carbon dioxide emitted during the burning of pellet fuel is equivalent to the amount absorbed during the growth of the trees and therefore it is defined as carbon neutral, working within the carbon cycle. The is particularly true of NZ pellets as they are only manufactured from waste products of New Zealand’s forestry and wood milling industry.

Ease of Supply

Wood pellet fuel is available for delivery throughout New Zealand. For commercial customers pellets are delivered by truck and blown using an air system into your storage facility. From there they are transported automatically to the boiler, automatically ignited and burned. No manual handling required. A number of storage options are available including external containerised units.

Ongoing savings

Bulk delivery of pellets are available for a low running cost of 8-10c/kWh, depending on your location. Over 100,000 tonnes of pellets are produced and delivered across New Zealand in a year, with companies now offering supply and pricing contracts for up to 15 years. Residential customers (not bulk) should see Mitre10 or Bunnings for costings.

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