ÖkoFEN Pellematic Resources

Product Overview

Apricus Eco Hot Water & Heating Guide to Wood Pellet Boilers For Homes
Your New Zealand guide to installation of pellet boilers for central heating and hot water.

ÖkoFEN Pellematic Overview
Overview of Pellematic wood pellet boilers from ÖkoFEN

Pellematic Maxi Brochure
Information on Pellematic Maxi individual and cascade boilers

Pellematic Sustainable Heating Technology
Overview of practicalities, running costs and sustainability attributes of commercial central heating and DHW provision with Pellematic boilers

Technical specifications

Pellematic Tech Specs
Technical specifications for Pellematic boilers

Pellematic Technical Guide
Technical guide for system designers for Pellematic boilers

Pellematic Condensing HX Tech Specs
Technical specifications for condensing heat exchanger for Pellematic boilers

Installation and Operation

PES 10-64 Operating & setup manual
Installation and operating manual for Pellematic boilers

Excel toolkit

We understand that considering new technologies can be a daunting task. So we’ve developed an Excel toolkit to assist you with high level design and consideration of pellet boilers for domestic hot water and/or space heating in commercial buildings. Use the OkoFEN Pellet Boiler Toolkit to:

  • compare carbon emissions and running costs of a pellet boiler system with alternative systems
  • indicate total pellet boiler system cost
  • estimate annual fuel consumption, space required for pellet storage & boiler/s, and pellet fuel delivery frequency

Get in touch with us for detailed design and project specific costings and carbon emissions reduction calculations.


Click here to download the Excel Toolkit.