ÖkoFEN Energy Box

Decarbonised central heating & hot water with ÖkoFEN Energy Boxes

Safe, secure and flexible

Designed for commercial situations where space may be problematic or external installation is preferred, the ÖkoFEN Energy Box system takes up around two carparks. A fully integrated central heating and hot water system housed inside shipping containers for easy on-site placement, where internal space is at a minimum.  The shipping containers can be painted to blend with the environment or buildings where they are situated. ÖkoFEN boilers are fully automatic in operation, including refuelling. 

Okofen energy box pellet boilers in a container
Okofen pellet boiler in a container video thumb
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The ÖkoFEN Energy Box – A Central Heating System in a Shipping Container

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ÖkoFEN Energy Box Installation at Waikato University

Ease of Supply

Wood pellet fuel is available for delivery throughout New Zealand. Pellets are delivered by truck and blown using an air system into your storage facility. From there they are transported automatically to the boiler, automatically ignited and burned. No manual handling required.