ÖkoFEN Pellet Boiler

Impressing with both total reliability and the highest quality workmanship.

Convenient & powerful

Ignition, output adjustment and daily cleaning are carried out fully automatically.

Ash is disposed of via the comfort ash box (available as an option) without creating dust

The boiler controller informs you in good time when the box needs to be emptied.

Ease of Supply

Wood pellet fuel is available for delivery throughout New Zealand. Pellets are delivered by truck and blown using an air system into your storage facility. From there they are transported automatically to the boiler, automatically ignited and burned. No manual handling required. A number of storage options are available including external containerised units.

Soild biomass fuel boiler installed
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ÖkoFEN Pellet Boilers for Hot Water and Central Heating

Process Heat

Around half of New Zealand’s process heat demand is met by burning fossil fuels like coal or natural gas. The the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) support the adoption of low-emission biomass boiler systems in commercial, institutional, and industrial heat applications. A wood pellet biomass boiler system is ideal for small to medium heat loads (50 kW to 2 MW) providing hot water below 100°C.

Swimming & Hot Pools

ÖkoFEN boilers can be used to supply hot water for pools, hot pools and spas in both residential and commercial applications. Perfect for schools, motels and public swimming pools – where having a heated pool it great for busines. At the same time they can also supply central heating and domestic hot water. A viable alternative to systems that use fossil fuels like gas. 

Some examples of commercial buildings where a pellet boiler would be best suited include residential care homes, community centres, swimming pools, campgrounds, sports facilities, medical practices, small breweries, commercial kitchens, shops, offices, glasshouses and more. Apricus Eco Hot Water can advise, design and supply suitable systems.

Reliability & Warranty

ÖkoFEN boilers are highly reliable and low-maintenance, which is why 99% of customers would opt for one again at any time. ÖkoFEN Pellematic boilers come with a ten year warranty. All other components are as specified by the boiler manufacturer and of an equal quality, with standard manufacturer’s warranties. All spare parts and warranty replacements are held here in New Zealand and there is network of approved contractors for installation and maintenance.

Customers reviews

What people say?

The new boiler system is great. Our classrooms are beautiful and warm every morning with a consistent heat. Previously, the old boiler did take hours to warm up and by 10.00am most mornings the heat would start to disappear.”
Brook Hill
Principle Netherton School
The new pellet boiler is boring (in a good way) I was always having to shovel coal each morning. The coal boiler would be set from 6.00 am - 10.00 am, where as the new system it is automated and has a pre-set temperature - the boiler system will keep working until the outside sensor reaches 18 degrees
Netherton School