pellet boiler after it has been lit

New pellet boiler installation at local school

Exciting times for high performance, low carbon heating with the delivery of a Pellematic 64kW pellet boiler, replacing an ageing coal boiler at Netherton Primary School near Paeroa, Waikato. Netherton school has built an environmental focus into its school values and has been actively involved with Enviro Schools since 2013, will now be able to demonstrate this actively to its students and community through the use of renewable energy.

Netherton School was previously emitting around 9,810kg CO2e per year from burning coal. This equates to 73kg CO2e per pupil (based on role of 135). Or equates to an average modern car travelling over 44,590km. More than once around the world!

With the Okofen pellet boiler system, we estimate the school will emit around 110kg, which is a 99% reduction. This equates to less than 1kg CO2e per pupil and is more like a 500km journey (less than Auckland to Wellington).

CO2e, or carbon dioxide equivalent, is a standard unit for measuring carbon footprints. The idea is to express the impact of each different greenhouse gas in terms of the amount of CO2 that would create the same amount of warming.

Here is Okofen Pellet Boiler being delivered to the school.

Delivery of the pellet boiler to the school

A video of the bulk pellets being delivered.

Pellet boiler once lit

The first lighting of the boiler.

Brook Hill, Principal at Netherton School

The new boiler system is great. Our classrooms are beautiful and warm every morning with a consistent heat. Previously, the old boiler did take hours to warm up and by 10.00am most mornings the heat would start to disappear.

Our caretaker has described it as “boring” (in a good way) as he was always having to shovel coal each morning. The time would be set from 6.00am-10.00am where as with the new system it is automated and has a pre-set temperature. The boiler system will keep working until the outside sensor reaches 18 degrees.

Our caretaker has learnt to empty the ash box and is learning to troubleshoot as he learns more about the system.

We have found the environment to be much cleaner and obviously economical.

I showed the whole school at assembly the journey of the wood pellets and how it works- they thought this was really interesting.

The new boiler system fits perfectly within our Enviroschools kaupapa. Sustainability is always our overarching theme and we feel very fortunate to be able to do our bit for the planet and teach the children about sustainable practices.

We have found the correspondence and support from all agencies involved with us getting the new boiler system extremely helpful.

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