Heat Pump Training – Central Heating & Domestic Hot Water

Apricus Eco are excited to announce our first in a series of training days for plumbers who are eager to master the installation of our cutting edge air source heat pumps. Our goal is to provide you with the best hot water systems available on the market. We offer high quality brands that are highly efficient and have excellent environmental statistics. Please bring your expertise in plumbing and let us know your goals, questions, and suggestions for potential collaboration and growth.

The training sessions we offer are constantly adapting to meet the needs of our plumbing partners. Here are some of the topics that will be covered.

Heat pumps overview

Apricus All In One (R290), Reclaim CO2 and Easypell R290.

Product parameters, standard use, maximum use, noise, space, installation requirements.

Savings vs standard residential systems – $, energy, carbon emissions, payback, lifespan.

Commercial scale potable hot water systems

Reclaim CO2 & Easypell R290

Compare technologies – considerations for different refrigerants performance, water temperatures, installation requirements, efficiency

Savings vs standard commercial hot water systems – gas and electric

Introduction to installer online toolkit for heat load and complete central heating systems

Information required for retrofit & new build residential or commercial.

Worked example – calculating heat load, heat pump/boiler size, kW output at ambient temperatures, mass flow rate, pipe sizes, pump specification, radiator / emitter sizing.

Questions & Feedback

During our training sessions, there will be ample opportunities for discussion, questions, and feedback. We value your input on how we can collaborate with you in the installation of our high-quality hot water heat pumps, enabling you to provide top-notch service to your customers. Our aim is to not only grow our business but to also grow yours.

Scheduled Training Dates

Date TBC based on enquiries.

Date TBC based on enquiries.

Date TBC based on enquiries.

Date TBC based on enquiries.

Napier & Hastings
Date TBC based on enquiries.

Palmerston North
Date TBC based on enquiries.

New Plymouth
Date TBC based on enquiries.

Date TBC based on enquiries.

Date TBC based on enquiries.

27th May – Filling fast
Further dates TBC based on enquiries.

Date TBC based on enquiries.

Date TBC based on enquiries.