How combining PV Solar with a Co2 Heat Pump will save you money.

The reclaim Co2 heat pump can integrate with your PV system (Solar Power System) to maximise your savings and take advantage of the energy you are already creating, before exporting back to the grid for little return with current feed in tariffs.

This can be achieved by utilising the energy you are creating through your solar energy system in order to run a C02 pump which converts and stores heat energy in a hot water cylinder. This hot water cylinder than acts like a battery to store the energy for use at a later time. For example at night when you are not creating as much solar energy.

A standard electric element in a hot water cylinder would require a dedicated 3kW of electricity from a PV system for heating water plus needing to operate for 8–10 hours per day. The Reclaim Energy CO2 system requires less than 1kW and only needs to be in use for 4–5 hours per day.  So householders with a home Solar PV system get five times as much energy in to their cylinder.

Because of these capabilities, the system has been very well received amongst the high-performance home sector. Dr Kara Rosemeier, Director of the Passive House Academy New Zealand, has specified the system for her own home.

Also, the smart controller enables a level of customisation so that homeowners can set the system to operate in parallel with their PV system or at a time when the electricity companies offer the cheapest tariffs.

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