How can we reduce energy use for water heating?

You can reduce energy use when heating hot water in your home by installing the most efficient system available – a high performance heat pump or solar hot water system instead of gas water heater or standard electric cylinder.

A high-performance heat pump only uses electricity to run the pump, fan and compressor, not an electric element.  A solar hot water system has a small pump and only needs an electric element to provide backup heating when sun levels are low.  This makes these technologies low energy and therefore low cost to run.

“Electricity in NZ is already 80% renewable so is the best energy source to use with efficient technology”

How do the annual running costs compare?*

hot water heating cost comparision gas versus solar and co2
  • Calculated for average household hot water use of 200L per day, requiring 3,995 kWh of heat energy.

These figures are for comparison between technologies and actual real world values may vary.

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