Upgrading or designing your hot water system.

Did you know that hot water uses an average of 46% of every new home’s total household energy?

An efficient domestic hot water system for your home will minimise the energy and water use while ensuring there is always plenty of hot water. We help you find the best water heater for your home, and specialise in systems with a low environmental impact. These systems include solar hot water, CO2 hot water heat pumps and pellet boilers.

Low Carbon Hot Water Heating

Systems that reduce the carbon footprint of your home should be a key focus. The NZ government Climate Change Commission recommends that we avoid installing new fossil fuel (natural gas & LPG) installations and work on replacing fossil fuel systems in existing residential, commercial, and public buildings. Apricus Eco Hot Water and Heating can help you meet these environmental recommendations whilst also lowering your cost of living. 

Reliability, efficiency & sustainability

Our hot water systems have been selected for their reliability, efficiency and sustainability. They have been installed throughout New Zealand, in all home sizes and climate zones.

Apricus Hot Water and heating are experts in sustainable hot water and central heating system design, helping you to find the best system to suit your home and lifestyle.

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Our product range

Apricus Solar Hot Water

A solar hot water collector on your roof heats water directly using free sunlight and stores it in your hot water cylinder. Your cylinder therefore acts as a solar heated battery, storing the energy for use when you need it later that evening and following morning. This is a battery that is often already in your home, is long lasting and will never reduce it’s capacity to be charged by the sun!

Apricus solar hot water systems can be installed on new and existing homes.  The systems perfectly complement a PV system for ultra-low running costs and can even be installed with a wetback or central heating system for year round, off-grid operation.

Reclaim CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump

Using the latest developments in refrigerant technology, Reclaim uses highly efficient and natural CO2 to transfer heat from the atmosphere. Put simply CO2 heat pumps absorbs warmth from the air, compresses the heat and transfer it to your hot water cylinder. Heat pumps use electricity to operate a compressor and efficient components rather than heating an electric element.  This makes the system up to five times more efficient than a standard electrically powered hot water cylinder. 

CO2 heat pumps are widely accepted as the most efficient technology for domestic hot water.  They can be combined with a household solar PV system to maximise your power savings. The heat pump is installed outside your home and the cylinder can also be installed outdoors to conserve valuable indoor space.

Easypell & ÖkoFEN Pellet Boilers

When considering a whole home solution for central heating and hot water it is hard to find a better system than a pellet boiler. This advanced technology from Austria is ideal for providing both domestic hot water and central heating in your home. They can even be used for heating a spa pool, hot tub and/or swimming pool. Pellet boilers provide hot water at a range of temperatures and therefore can heat a home using radiators and/or underfloor heating systems.

Apricus meet the strictest environmental requirements from ECAN and can therefore these pellet boilers can installed anywhere in New Zealand.

Flowsmart Hot Water Circulation

FlowSmart was developed in NZ by Apricus to avoid the need to install a second (or third) water heater in larger or longer homes.  This ensures that one, central and highly efficient system such as Apricus or Reclaim can provide hot water for the entire home. 

FlowSmart circulation system provides any hot water outlets that are a long way from the cylinder with almost instant hot water in an energy efficient, low cost and easy to install solution. The system is easily included in the design of new homes and can often be retrofitted to existing houses if there is access to the hot water pipework.

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Compare systems

Reclaim Energy

CO2 Heat Pump
$ 247 Approx. annual costs
  • 850 kWh
  • 83 kgCO2e

Apricus Solar

Hot Water
$ 386 Approx. annual costs
  • 1332 kWh
  • 130 kgCO2e


Pellet Boiler
$ 479 Approx. annual costs
  • 3,995 kWh
  • 12 kgCO2e

Natural gas

$ 699 Approx. annual costs
  • 4,994 kWh
  • 974 kgCO2e


$ 899 Approx. annual costs
  • 4,994 kWh
  • 1,108 kgCO2e

*Energy use & approx. annual costs:
Calculated for average household hot water use for a family of four, using 200L per day, requiring 3,995 kWh of heat energy per year at standard efficiency.

*Greenhouse gas emissions: kgCO2e/year
Calculated using kgCO2e/kWh factors from MfE Measuring Emissions, 2019, assuming average annual hot water energy use of 3,995 kWh. Reclaim CO2 heat pumps have 4.7 COP, Apricus solar hot water reduces electricity use by at least 75%, published efficiency figures for gas water heaters, electric cylinder assumed to be 100% efficient. Heat loss from cylinders not included, assumed to be according to MEPS requirements and varying by cylinder size.