wood pellets with plant growing out of them

Frequently asked questions about pellet boilers

What are pellet boilers?

Pellet boilers are a reliable, sustainable and affordable technology for home heating including radiators, underfloor pipes and domestic hot water. They can also heat a spa pool, hot tub or swimming pool. Connected directly to any heating system they will operate in the same way as a gas or diesel boiler, whilst avoiding fossil fuels.

How are wood pellets made?

Wood pellets are manufactured using waste timber from sustainable forestry, usually waste sawdust and wood shavings, which makes them a renewable resource. These are materials that would normally end up in landfill, re-purposed to make a viable and sustainable product. The wood waste is dried and compressed,

the high pressure and temperature activates a natural glue like substance within the wood that holds the pellet together. The product is therefore a completely natural product with no additives.

Where can I buy wood pellets?

Over 100,000 tonnes of pellets are manufactured annually in New Zealand, due to our strong forestry industry. The pellets are distributed by a well established network,  with 10-20kg bags of pellets available at stores like Bunnings and Mitre 10. If you have room to store at least three tonnes (4.5m³) you can order in bulk direct from the manufacturer.

How much will the pellets cost in comparison to the energy output?

10-20kg bags are usually 58c to 67c per kilo. There are 5 kWh of energy in each kilo of fuel so the cost is 12c to 13c per kWh. Bulk delivery of pellets are available for a lower running cost of 8-10c/kWh, depending on your location. On average during winter an Easypell boiler will need refueling once a week, with ten 15kg bags.

What can I heat with a pellet boiler?

Wood pellet boilers like Easypell can deliver water heating at up to 85°C. The system can supply all of your domestic hot water needs and can also deliver to a central heating system with radiators and/or underfloor heating pipes. You are free to choose any radiator or combination of systems that meet your home heating needs, the boiler output will not restrict your central heating system design. It can also be used to heat a spa pool, hot tub or swimming pool, but with these high heat loads you’ll probably want a larger pellet store

and the option of vacuum pellet delivery to the day hopper. Easypell pellet boilers are also available in a range of output sizes to suit any home – 16kW, 20kW, 25kW, 32kW. If you care considering a pellet boiler for commercial purposes such as schools, hotels, apartments and businesses then a Okofen pellet boiler would be a better choice for the higher output.

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