Apricus all in one hot water heat pump outside modern home

FAQ’s about the Apricus All-In-One Hot Water Heat Pump

The Apricus All In One is the newest product release from Apricus Eco. It’s a hot water heat pump and cylinder combined in one. Here are the mostly commonly asked questions about this air source hot water heat pump from Apricus.

Why is it call an All In One?

This air source heat pump is called an all in one because the hot water heat pump (compressor) and hot water cylinder are combined as one unit. This differs from other hot water heat pumps like the Reclaim Energy one that has a separate compressor and cylinder.

Where is the system best installed?

Like all other heat pump compressors this all in one hot water system is designed to be installed outside your home. We recommend installing it in close proximity to the facilities where your hot water will be used the most, if possible. This will increase the efficiency of the system.

Can I install this if I already have a hot water cylinder?

The Apricus All in One would be a replacement to your current hot water cylinder. If your cylinder is new and depending on what type of cylinder you currently have the Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump might be a better option to add to your cylinder.

Can I replace my instantaneous gas califont with this system?

Yes you can, this is an ideal direct swap for an instantaneous gas water heater.

What makes the Apricus All in One more environmentally friendly than other hot water heat pumps?

This heat pump uses one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants available, R290 (propane). This is a naturally occurring gas with a global warming potential of just 3 (compared to 1,400 to 2,000 for synthetic refrigerants used in most heat pumps). R290 also has zero ozone depletion potential. Even better, it’s an extremely efficient refrigerant so the Apricus All in One will reduce your energy cost and environmental impact of electricity use.

How does the Apriucs All In One compare to the Reclaim Energy Heat Pump?

Both systems run very similar in how they operate/run and are both energy efficient. The difference is the Apricus All In One is a full system. The Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump is a split system, (the compressor and cylinder are separate), this means you can have the cylinder either indoor or outdoors. We recommend a 300L cylinder for the Reclaim cylinder, so the cylinder size is slightly bigger than the Apricus All In One.

Will you install my Apricus All In One?

Apricus Eco have a New Zealand wide network of installers who can install and maintain your system for you, simply contact us to find out who your local installers are.

Apricus Eco endeavours to ensure that the information provided in this blog article is reliable and accurate at the time of publishing, please note that the information detailed can change with the passage of time.