Energy efficiency and environmental care prioritised for hot water systems in high-performance homes 

The Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump energy efficient operation is the main reason the systems are being specified in energy efficient and Passive House builds from the far north to the deep south of New Zealand. 

Here are a couple of recent articles in the media about passive homes the Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump has been included in:
Grand Designs NZ: Aucklanders swap city rental for ‘good life’ passive house
Family building biggest passive house in the country could even go off-grid

Every home needs hot water and most people want to reduce their cost of living.  So, prioritising an efficient hot water system makes sense in all homes being designed.  This is even more important when the entire build is aiming for low energy consumption or even Passive House certification, where there is a maximum energy per m² allowed. Prominent examples of these homes with a Reclaim system include Director of the Passive House Academy NZ, Dr Kara Rosemeier’s own home in the Far North, and multiple Architype designed homes in Dunedin. 

The specification of Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pumps has increased dramatically with more focus on energy efficiency, cost control and householder comfort, whilst avoiding the significant environmental impacts of fossil fuel instantaneous gas water heaters.   

These high-performance hot water heat pumps deliver up to five times more heat output compared to the energy used by a standard electric cylinder or gas water heater.  All whilst not compromising on the amount of hot water available and recovery time during times of high demand. 

“The Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump provides up to 700L of hot water at 63°C per day.  This is more than enough for even the heaviest users of hot water,” says Marcus Baker, Managing Director of Reclaim Energy.  “People living in these high-performance homes will be warm and comfortable, whilst having minuscule power bills.  A good portion of these savings on power bills can easily be applied to any home by specifying a Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump.  Because heating water is 45% of the total power bill in a new home the reduction in running costs is immediate and permanent, whatever the home design.” 

Get in touch with Reclaim to get support to design this into your projects and help your clients reduce their cost of living and environmental footprint. 

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