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Setting high environmental standards for central heating and hot water.

Renewable Energy

Using New Zealand made renewable and carbon-zero wood pellet fuel the Easypell pellet boiler heats up the water that runs through your radiators or underfloor pipes  – hydronic central heating.  It also supplies all of your hot water needs to the kitchen, bathroom and laundry taps. The Easypell pellet boiler meets the strictest environmental requirements in NZ, therefore you can install it in any region making it a perfect replacement for central heating systems fuelled with fossil fuels like gas and diesel. Designed and made in Austria by global pellet boiler specialists ÖkoFEN.

Central Heating

For a central heating option with a low environmental impact Easypell pellet boiler brings you both high performance and ease of use. Circulating hot water throughout your home to provide both heating and hot water on demand. Ideal for radiator, underfloor and wall heating, or a combination of any systems. 

Underfloor Heating

For modern homes the Easypell pellet boiler can be used for underfloor heating providing warmth throughout the entire house. The concept is to use radiant heat which warms objects directly and maintains the natural humidity in the room. Unlike alternative heating, it requires less energy to run and will not dry out the air or aggravate allergies.

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The Easypell pellet boiler can be integrated with existing or retrofitted radiators. Proving to be the best solution for both new and existing homes, the Easypell pellet boiler provides consistent heat throughout your home without the environmental harm of alternatives like gas heating.

Convenient & powerful

Weather dependent power control provides automated adjustments according to outside temperatures.

The large volume ashtray stores ash and only needs to be emptied every 1- 2 months.

Cleaning maintenance is only required once yearly, due to automated deashing.


Wood pellets are produced from a waste product from New Zealand’s thriving forestry industry. Its a renewable and natural resource and is considered carbon neutral unlike the fossil fuels gas and diesel. Wood pellets are available throughout New Zealand in a range of stores. Supplied in easily manageable 15 – 20kg bags. 

Efficiency & Savings

Thanks to our special boiler ­design together with our ­constant sensor monitoring, we can optimise your fuel consumption and efficiency under all circumstances, automatically without manual adjustment.

What people say?

I am very happy with my Easypell boiler, it runs very efficiently, so much better than LPG we had before. Has reduced my heating costs significantly while massively improving the heating of the house overall.System design, sizing and requirements etc were all handled really well by Marcus meaning we got the right boiler for our house. All questions during planning and installation were answered quickly and efficiently making for a good experience all round.
Leo Moore
We were really surprised at how clean burning the boiler is. We went outside to look for smoke from the flue but there wasn’t any so we thought maybe the boiler had stopped. Going back inside the house we checked it was still operating and sure enough the boiler was heating at 100% capacity and there was no flue gas visible from the chimney.
Jonathon Toulson
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