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Easypell Heat Pump

The climate friendly and cost effective air to water heat pump from Easypell.

Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

Using ambient air as the primary heat source an Easypell Heat Pump is a  sustainable solution that is both cost-effective and climate-friendly. It is packed with features and unlike other heat pumps, it combines heating, cooling and hot water into one system. Thanks to a modern mobile app, the exceptionally quiet Easypell Heat pump can be digitally adjusted to your precise requirements.

Easypell air source to water heat pump for heating and cooling
Easypell hot water heat pump for heating and cooling

Hot Water

From the bathroom to the kitchen – the heat pump provides the entire household with hot water.

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Central Heating

Regardless of whether it is a radiator, underfloor or wall heating – the heat pump harmonises with all systems up to 70 °C.


Simple cooling in the summer months with surface heating systems such as underfloor, wall or ceiling heating.

r290 eco friendly icon

The refrigerant R290 is an environmentally friendly and future-oriented solution with outstanding performance value at higher temperatures.

Combine it with a PV system for utilizing and storing surplus energy through dynamic heating management. The integrated SMART GRID function enables cost-effective electricity access.

Free App

All settings can be adapted via controller or app. This way, you always have an overview of the actual performance and historical consumption data.


Temperature Control

The weather control ensures that the heat pump regulates the heating temperature depending on the outside temperature. Thus, the perceived room temperature always remains constant.

Minimal Noise

The double sound-insulated compressor ensures particularly low-noise operation (<50 dB) and increases flexibility when setting up. Night reduction is also included.