Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar water heating is a highly efficient and effective way to harvest solar energy directly to reduce energy costs for hot water.  For businesses that use large amounts of hot water, such as an apartment building, hotel, marae, dairy farm, campground, community building with showers, sports facility and medical practice, solar water heating system will make a significant dent in your operating costs.

A solar hot water system directly harvests free energy from the sun and stores it in a hot water cylinder for use immediately or later in the day, just like charging a battery, saving your business money and reducing the environmental impact of water heating.
Commercial installation of solar hot water
Wanaka Holiday Park

Calculating Investment & Savings

The reduction in energy use for heating water with a commercial solar hot water system will vary depending on the time and volume of hot water used.  We undertake site specific Polysun modelling and investment calculations to explore the ideal balance between capital investment and savings on operating expenditure and energy use.  This will ensure that the final system is the most suited to your specific needs.

Why are evacuated tube solar collectors one of the best performing solar systems?

The Apricus solar hot water collectors passively track the sun, reaching peak output in the early morning and maintaining peak performance until late afternoon.  The evacuated tube system is significantly more efficient that traditional flat plate collectors due the insulation of the vacuum in the tubes.  This is especially important in NZ during periods of lower light with cloudy weather, at cooler air temperatures and in windy conditions.

Sitewise gold certification 2023/24

We have demonstrated that we have quality health and safety systems in place.

The team at Apricus have specialist expertise in the design, specification and supply of energy efficient, renewable heating systems.  We offer the best technologies to combat climate change whilst keeping your organisation running smoothly.