Commercial Pellet Boilers

Pellet boilers are a type of biomass boiler, using 100% renewable fuel to provide central heating, hot water or process heat for any commercial scale application. Pellet boilers are an ideal way to reduce your carbon emissions as a direct replacement for fossil fuel gas, coal and diesel boilers.

Minimising Carbon Emissions

We offer pellet boiler systems from ÖkoFEN who have been a leader in pellet boiler technology since 1989. ÖkoFEN have pioneered a number of pellet boiler innovations, including the introduction of condensing pellet boilers and recently Zero Flame that reduces particulate emissions to unmeasurable levels.

Okofen pellet boiler installation inside shipping container
ÖkoFEN Energy Box

Leading Commercial Systems

Apricus Eco Hot Water offers a range of commercial pellet boilers systems.  These can be installed in a plant room or as an ÖkoFEN Energy Box: a plug and play containerised system that arrives pre-commissioned. 

An ÖkoFEN Energy Box provides a combined pellet boiler plant room and fuel store, located outside your building and simply connected to power and water. Larger ÖkoFEN pellet boiler systems are always provided as a cascade, providing a high level of redundancy and flexibility in plant room design.

Maximising Efficiency

ÖkoFEN boilers have an industry leading advantage of optional condensing technology, this maximises efficiency whilst minimising emissions and pellet fuel use. They provide a much cleaner and safer environment for staff, and the low level of maintenance required to keep them running reduces the hours needed from staff. The fuel delivery is entirely automated and there is no manual handling of the pellets required.

Pellt Boiler installation at Murupara
ÖkoFEN 64 kW + Flexilo pellet store, Waikato
Soild biomass fuel boiler installed
ÖkoFEN 128 kW pellet boiler, Bay of Plenty

Why is wood biomass a better alternative to gas and coal?

Use of fossil fuels is driving a rapid increase in the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere and oceans.  The combustion of coal, petroleum products and natural gas, in a matter of a few centuries, along with forestry clearance has released carbon that was captured and stored over hundreds of millions of years. This is having a massive impact on the climate stability and liveability of the earth.

However, the amount of the carbon dioxide emitted during the burning of pellet fuel is equivalent to the amount absorbed during the growth of the trees and therefore it is defined as carbon neutral, working within the carbon cycle. The is particularly true of NZ pellets as they are only manufactured from waste products of New Zealand’s forestry and wood milling industry, materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. Over 100,000 tonnes of pellets are produced and delivered across New Zealand in a year, with companies now offering supply and pricing contracts for up to 15 years. 

The team at Apricus have specialist expertise in the design, specification and supply of energy efficient, renewable heating systems.  We offer the best technologies to combat climate change whilst keeping your organisation running smoothly.

Auckland Winter Gardens
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ÖkoFEN Pellet Boilers at the Auckland Winter Gardens – Episode 2

Auckland Winter Garden Green Houses
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ÖkoFEN Pellet Boilers at the Auckland Winter Gardens – Episode 1

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De-carbonising New Zealand’s Buildings and Organisations – Apricus Eco

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Pellet Boiler Installation with the Sustainability Contestable Fund – Netherton School

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Central Heating Automation with Pellet Boilers – Paeroa School NZ

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ÖkoFEN Energy Box Installation at Waikato University

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