Commercial Hot Water Heat Pumps

Apricus supplies the Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pump which uses at least 75% less energy than conventional electric and gas water heaters. Using the latest developments in refrigerant technology, this system uses highly efficient and natural CO2 as the heat transfer refrigerant.

Delivering up to five units of heat energy from the air for every unit of electricity it uses the CO2 heat pump is a very efficient solution to hot water heating.

Commercial Installations

The Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pumps are modular and can be cascaded to provide more hot water for commercial projects of any scale.  Businesses that would benefit from installing Reclaim CO2 hot water heat pumps are: motels, marae and smaller residential care, apartment buildings, medical centers and sports facilities.

Why are CO2 hot water heat pumps an environmentally sustainable alternative to gas water heaters?

A CO2 hot water heat pump will reduce the total energy used for water heating by at least 75%.  The heat pump uses electricity to operate and because our electricity is some of the greenest in the world the total environmental impact is significantly less than burning gas, which is a fossil fuel. At the moment, more than 80% of NZ electricity is generated from renewable sources making it one of the lowest carbon energy sources available in NZ.

What makes CO2 such an environmentally friendly refrigerant?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has a number of positive attributes as a refrigerant, making it one of the most sustainable choices in a hot water heat pump: 

  • CO2 is a naturally occurring gas with extremely low environmental impact in manufacturing with no risk to human health or the planet if it leaks from the heat pump
  • CO2 has a global warming potential (GWP) of 1, meaning 1kg of leaked refrigerant equals 1kg of global warming activity. This is significantly lower than other commonly used heat pump refrigerants with much, much higher GWP: for example, R410 x 2,088, R-134A x 1,430, R32 x 675
  • CO2 is a trans-critical refrigerant meaning it has a very wide range of temperatures under which is can operate efficiently. This means that a CO2 heat pump will retain high efficiency even as the ambient air temperature reaches freezing
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Reclaim Energy CO2 Hot Water Heat Pumps – Commercial Installations

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