Pellet boiler installed in a home for central heating

Central heating using wood pellet boilers.

For comfort, convenience & sustainability.

High performance, ÖkoFEN wood pellet boilers from Europe for central heating of homes and buildings of all sizes are now available in New Zealand, from Apricus Eco Hot Water and Heating.

A central heating system is the norm in an increasing number of new homes, so specifying an adequate heat source, especially as winter temperatures plummet, is critical.  This heat source needs to be powerful enough to run whatever combination of underfloor pipes or radiators that the homeowner prefers and design dictates.  This is even more important when glazing increases, in multiple-level homes and with homeowners understandably wanting to enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature all year round.

Alongside excellent output, a central heating system needs to be affordable to run and environmentally sustainable.  This is where the innovative wood pellet boilers from Apricus excel, using 100% renewable fuel made in New Zealand from waste saw dust.  The fuel cost is comparable to natural gas, LPG and diesel, while being far better for the environment.

ÖkoFEN pellet boilers come in a wide range of outputs to suit any dwelling size and energy demand.  The larger boilers are perfect for commercial buildings such as hotels who want to have the most sustainable hot water and central heating system.  The fuel supply to the boiler is fully automated so fuel deliveries only need to be made once a season for homes, more frequently with larger commercial installations.

The pellet boilers will also provide domestic hot water for any home or commercial building and heat swimming pools and spas.

Get in touch to discuss these systems further and to initiate a complete design for projects of any scale, including the specification of the central heating system and pellet fuel storage.

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