Central Heating with underfloor heating or radiators.

Even with good insulation and double glazing, your home is likely to need some form of heating.

The most popular choice for heating a home today are air heat pumps, which work ok in moderate climates to heat selected rooms. However, these are not the best choice for many New Zealand homes and a central heating system may be a better option. Central heating provides an ideal level of heat throughout your entire home keeping you comfortably warm all year round and in all rooms of your house even in colder climates.

We recommend hydronic heating find out why . . .

Heating with hot water is common place throughout Europe and America.

This is because water transfers heat at a rate 4 times the rate that air does and is a perfect medium for transferring energy around a home. The added benefit is the system is dual purpose heating all your domestic hot water for showers, baths and washing. Some systems can also be used to heat a spa pool, hot tub or swimming pool.

Its a great alternative to fossil fuel systems such gas, LPG and diesel.

Focused on providing you the most environmentally friendly solutions for home heating and hot water, we recommend the Easypell Heat Pump, Easypell Pellet Boiler or the ÖkoFEN wood pellet boiler. They meet the strictest environmental requirements in NZ from ECAN and can be installed in any location in the country. Designed and made in Austria by global pellet boiler specialists ÖkoFEN, tens of thousands of installations are keeping people around the world warm and comfortable.

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating provides warmth throughout the entire room using radiant heat which warms objects directly and maintains the natural humidity in the home. There are no visible heating elements or radiators, making it extra safe for children in the home.

The heat from the Easypell pellet boiler will distribute hot water throughout your home in an underfloor system of pipes, allowing you to enjoy a cosy warmth underfoot.

Underfloor heating can be installed throughout a home in all rooms. It is especially useful under hard and cold flooring finishes like concrete, vinyl and tiles but can be installed under carpet and even timber floors. Thermostatic timers with online app access allow for controlled heating where and when you want it.


The radiant heat felt from radiators is often compared to that of sunlight which feels more natural to our bodies. You really feel the heat from a radiator as you walk past, giving a very cosy feeling. Radiant heating in a home is a very different experience to convection heaters like heat pumps that need to move a lot of air to warm up the space. 

An Easypell pellet boiler provides hot water to a system of radiators throughout your home and is one of the best central heating solutions for existing homes or multiple level new homes. Radiators are extremely responsive and radiant heat is less affected by drafts, lack of thermal mass and poorer insulation in older homes.

Heated Towel Rails

Grabbing a warm towel straight out of the shower and bath is a delightful, luxurious feeling that is easily accessible with an Easypell boiler.  There are dual mode towel rails for central heating in winter and electric element heating in summer.  When combined with an Easypell central heating system the towel rails double as radiator for the bathroom and luxurious towel dryer.