Hotel & Dining Domestic Hot Water

  • Apricus Solar Hot Water
  • Example hot water demand of 6,462L at 60°C per day.

The hot water demand will mainly be used over two peak periods with guests showering 6am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm. This means that a reasonable amount of hot water storage is required for the solar thermal system to reduce fossil fuel consumption, environmental impact and running costs.

Proposed system size

Polysun models can be run to ascertain the best mix of capital expenditure to energy savings. In this example three models have been run with differing average daily hot water consumption to check for system under or oversizing.

Average daily hot
water use (60°C)
Number of Apricus
30 tube collectors
Solar preheat
cylinder size
by solar
Roof space
Plant room space

Solar System Arrangement

The Apricus solar thermal system would be installed as an “open loop” arrangement, utilising domestic water as the heating medium circulating through the collectors. The dedicated solar preheat storage will be in line on the cold supply side of a hot water buffer tank that can be heated with gas hot water system. The solar system will preheat all cold water entering the buffer (reheat) cylinder and is suitably sized to optimise savings for hot water consumption all day.


The Apricus system comes with advanced, accurate online monitoring and reporting, provided by the Resol VBus network.

The monitoring system has a password protected professional interface that can be accessed by anyone given permission. For example: builder owners, site manager, maintenance contractor, architect and hydraulic engineers can be granted access.

This monitoring has the following benefits and attributes:

  • Public display of live monitoring will help promote the
    sustainability credentials of the hotel to guests
  • Assurance of long term, proven performance compared to system modelled
  •  Solar system & reheat cylinder can be continuously commissioned, optimising system performance
  • System error notifications automatically sent via email
  • Reports are automatically sent at any frequency required
  • Detailed, customisable manual reports
  • Remote connection for error checking and troubleshooting by Apricus
  • Free hosting or unlimited user access
  • Energy, carbon savings and temperatures calculated & displayed