Auckland Zoo

*photograph was taken during construction

  • 85% of the energy required
  • 4 x Apricus ETC30 solar collectors
  • 1,500L of water
  • Pools at 24’C to 28’C

Solar hot water for the Galapagos tortoises.

The sun will be heating the pool water for these tropical animals, just like in their native habitat, using a smart bit of technology to optimise this NZ conditions. The Apricus solar collectors have been placed on that angle on roof to optimise their performance in winter when the tortoises need warmer water as air temperatures are lower and there is less sunshine heating their house.

The project involved the installation of 4 x Apricus ETC30 solar collectors mounted on 45 degree frames, facing north, perpendicular to the roof pitch. These are heating two 300L hot water cylinders which can be boosted with electricity if there isn’t enough sun. The Apricus solar system heats the water and will provide at least 85% of the energy required for 1,500L of water in the pools at 24’C to 28’C. These are the ideal conditions for the Galapagos tortoises, hopefully meaning there will be many more tortoise babies to come.