Auckland Airport – Transitional Waste Facility

*photographs taken during construction
  • 75% reduction in carbon emissions for hot water heating
  • 150 tube Apricus solar hot water system
  • 1,000L cylinder

Apricus is the official supplier of sustainable hot water solutions for Auckland International Airport.

This installation was carried out at the Auckland International Airport Transitional Waste Facility. This is where all the recycling and rubbish removed from the aircrafts and terminals is sorted. The 150 tube Apricus solar hot water system is heating a 1,000L cylinder to provide hot water for daily bin washes and wash down of the sorting area. The system will be reducing the energy used and carbon emission of the hot water system by at least 75%. It will be operational in late 2022.

Installation carried out by: Bassett Plumbing & Drainage Ltd in Auckland