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The cost of an Apricus solar hot water system in New Zealand will vary;
there a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when designing your system:

  • The size of the system, depends on your hot water requirements.
  • Whether it is for a new home or a retrofit to an existing home.  Retrofits need to take into account existing plumbing, wiring and building consents.
  • If a new cylinder is required or if an existing one can be used.
  • How the system will be boosted when there is not enough solar energy, generally this is done with an electrical element in the cylinder.
  • If there is particularly poor water quality, very low winter temperatures, or frequent winter power cuts in your area.

Apricus solar hot water systems options.

A 20 tube system and will be suitable for a home with 2 to 3 occupants, using a 180L cylinder.
Larger families are easily catered for, using 30 or 40 tube collectors and a bigger hot water cylinder.

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