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High performance solar hot water for New Zealand’s extreme conditions.


Apricus patented technologies are designed and built to capture more solar energy for more hours, in comparison to other competing solar collection technologies. Apricus New Zealand supply evacuated tube solar hot water systems throughout New Zealand. Our professional installers will finish the job to the highest of standards, ensuring quality and precision for every installation. We bring the latest in solar hot water technologies, leading innovation with easy to use controllers and high efficiency pumps.

Solar hot water installation for business

Solar hot water benefits

gardening outside house with sunshine in background

Avoid the rising costs of power

Power prices are constantly on the rise in New Zealand and heating water is usually the single biggest energy user in your home. A solar hot water system can reduce your hot water charges and save approximately a quarter of your regular power bill. Customers find they have incredibly low bills during summer along with a significant reduction during winter.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By reducing your reliance on peak electricity generated by burning fossil fuels, you will also be reducing your carbon footprint by, on average, 400kg of CO2 emissions each year. It is more important than ever to reduce carbon emissions, as the Antarctic ice shelf is melting at a rate faster than scientists expected, and the rise in sea levels is accelerating. A solar hot water system will reduce your carbon footprint without having to change your lifestyle.

Couple outside house with solar hot water

A smart investment

You can expect to earn a great return on a solar hot water investment within six to eight years, much quicker that the expected turn around from a solar PV system; currently ten years. Each system has a life expectancy of over 20 years, that means free hot water for more than a decade after the initial payback. Both potiential home buyers and renters will see extra value in a property with solar hot water installed.

All weather performance


Cold Weather

The Apricus solar collector tubes have a vacuum between two glass layers that work similarly to a thermos flask by retaining up to 95% of the solar energy they capture. This means that heat is retained and not lost into the atmosphere in colder climates and during the winter months. The collectors are rated to handle frost down to -15°C without the use of glycol, which dramatically reduces maintenance of the system.

coastal design

The anodised aluminium frame treatment combined with marine grade 316SS attachment plates, tube clips, nuts, bolts and washers make the collector extremely durable in coastal installations.

High Wind Rating

Apricus aluminium frames can cope with wind gusts of up to 316km/h (cyclonic winds), independently reviewed by structural engineers to AS/NZS1170.2.

Durable Design

Each batch of tubes undergoes random selection steel ball impact testing and 100% visual inspection. In addition, Apricus tubes have passed NZ/Australian, European (Solarkeymark) and Swiss hail stone impact testing and are rated for hail resistance, up to 25mm hail stone at 25m/s multiple times and in various places.

solar hot water system installed on roof
Solar Hot Water System Installed on a roof

Compact & High Capacity

Solar tubes provide a greater surface area than flat solar panels, they take up less roof space and perform better in shady or cloudy conditions. The collectors are compact with a very high capacity, meaning you don’t have to cover your whole roof with solar collectors.

diagram of how solar hot water tubes passively track the sun

Our solar hot water systems are tested to the most respected and rigorous certification standards, these are the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (USA) and Solar Keymark (Europe). This high level of certification and standards testing’s exceeds what most solar suppliers in New Zealand are selling, so check the certification before you buy.

What people say?

A solar tube hot water heater was installed 18 months ago and is performing perfectly. There was some initial teething problems with the system due to the location of the collector. These were eliminated over the next 5 months and the whole system is working correctly. I highly recommend the system and installers for anybody who requires a solar water heater
Trevor Green
Brilliant service...and outstanding after sales service. Thanks Marcus and the team for checking and repairing my system without me even asking, and all under warranty.
Debbie Benner

Repair & Recylability

The collector tubes are easy to repair should a problem ever occur. Each tube can be removed and replaced separately, making any repairs quick and easy, with no water leaks to worry about.

Ease of recycling was a key consideration when selecting the materials for the Apricus solar collectors, so ensuring minimal end of life environmental impact. All the key components can be readily recycled in standard, local systems.

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