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Apricus All In One Heat Pump

The latest in hot water heating technology.

The Apricus All In One Air Source Water Heat Pump is the latest in intelligent water heating technology. Reducing energy costs by 70% compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters. It uses R290 a natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential compared to synthetic, making it the hot water heating system of choice for eco-friendly home owners.


Storage Volume

6 People

Maximium Capacity

6 Year


70 °C

Max Temp

All-In-One Heat Pump. Features include:

Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce energy costs up to 3 times compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters.

Clean Energy Product

Clean Energy product with annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes.

Real time power usage monitoring

Real time power usage monitoring capability means households can now take control of their power bills.

Intergate and Maximise

Integrate and maximise your PV with in-built timer controlled heat up cycles.

Dual Heating Technology

Dual heating technology with incorporated electric element to provide hot water up to 70°c.

Smart Touch Controller

Smart touch screen controller makes optimising the system easier than ever.

  • Operational data monitoring including tank temperature and heat pump total power usage
  • Access to data on the physical controller as well as the mobile app
  • Easy fault finding and troubleshooting using historic data
  • Adjusting the operational mode, setting the unit on a timer, and monitoring the temperature ALL by using the mobile app remotely

Reliability & Warranty

The Apricus All In One Air Source Heat Pump is brought to you by Apricus Eco and holds the same high specification as all our eco friendly hot water heating products. It comes with a 6 year warranty, with all spare parts and warranty replacements held here in New Zealand. A network of approved contractors are available through out New Zealand for installation and maintenance.